We met with several firms and upon meeting the team at Interiors for Change and receiving their presentation, it instantly was very clear that they were the right choice.

We had big plans and tight timelines, but Interiors for Change was always a step ahead. They listened to our needs, asked for our de- sign ideas, and came up with a detailed proposal that showed they understood what we wanted.

On top of being so on-point with the designs and recommendations, they ensured that we were consulted for each design element, from room layout to details such as finishes. They also provided us with options so that we could make informed decisions with consideration on the advantages, drawbacks, and cost.

Aside from being extremely detailed and very communicative and ac- cessible, they ensured that the entire end-to-end building and design was done in 8 weeks. In this short time frame, Interiors for Change created detailed floor plans, took down walls, put up walls, convert- ed a tiled ceiling in our reception area to an exposed pipe area, built conference rooms, and set up all the electronic connections.

I highly recommend Interiors for Change for any important office move. They are truly professional and will turn your vision into reality, even in a very short time frame. I am more than happy to provide a verbal referral should anyone like to discuss MFS Africa’s experience with Interiors for Change in further detail.

Julie Neogy
VP, Southern & East Africa


MFS Africa enlisted Interiors for Change to create a fresh new environment complete with cafe, boardroom, collaboration facilities and pause areas. The environment to have a homely feel but to reflect the technological nature of the business. Angles are used throughout the space in the partition walls as well as the glazing. Timber look floors flows from the reception area to the open cafe tucked behind the reception. The slab was left exposed and sprayed to a dark charcoal colour with track lighting to light us the environment.


The cafe is close to the work area as well as the boardroom and offers free breakfasts, lunches and barista-made beverages and provides opportunities for socializing, relaxing or casual meetings.


To maximize on the views the boardroom has full glazing all round with a clear printed vinyl applied to the glass. The 16 seater meeting room allows for full connectivity as well as video conferencing.

Open plan area

The office environment is created as an activity based work area and all staff is allocated a locker unit. Various meeting facilities, from casual to formal meeting rooms was provided to allow staff to choose how and where they work.

Situated on the third floor with beautiful views over Sandton, the design team maximized on this and ensured that all work areas have full access to the perimeter