Dear Catherine and Team,


Having successfully navigated my first working day at the New Africa HQ – I am extremely appreciative of your support, hard work and commitment to ensuring this project was delivered on-time and in full. Ricardo was also extremely satisfied with the result (as well as the rest of the MANCOM Team) – refer: Attached Email. We need to closeout a few final adjustments to the building, but overall the feedback has been extremely positive.


Dear Candice and Yolandie,


I believe you experienced the greatest emotional trauma on this project; last minute inaccurate organograms, changes to seating allocations, a challenging Incubator HUB Team, etc. Thank you for never-giving up through it all.


Dear Kevin, Nuno and Jaco,


I will go to war with you guys any day. Thank you for standing up against the abuse of this building, consistently guarding the interests of ABI/SAB and tirelessly driving toward my hard deadlines. It has been a rewarding experience working alongside the I4C Team. I have learned a lot from you. Looking forward to working with you again on 65 Park Lane!


Dinesh Naidoo
Strategic Projects Manager, Finance


Interiors for Change commissioned a local artist to do murals of the Ab InBev brands to the triple volume space. Furniture design and finishes used through out the space to support the Ab InBev philosophy of WE ARE HERE FOR THE BEER.

Bar & Barista

The bar was designed to incorporate the Castle Light Fresh Tank, with copper elements that flow throughout the facility.  A local artist used Corona beer bottle to create the bar area lighting. Oregon pine tables and bench seats as well as the exposed slab and industrial feel was used to create a Beer Hall look and feel. Graffiti by a local artist was used to communicate company culture and slogans.

The space functions as a real bar and is open to staff and visitors alike, as well as for new product launches and other functions. The facility opens onto a deck with seating overlooking the golf course.


A large canteen and community lounge area encourages spontaneous interaction and creates a sense of community. These facilities are situated close the meeting rooms as well as the bar. A metal Africa sculpture hangs from the double volume space and is visible from the first floor work spaces.

Boardroom & Meeting Rooms

Kiaat timber was used for furniture and paneling. The boardroom & meeting facilities were branded to the Ab InBev brands using signage or digital wall papers. create a sophisticated, timeless environment. Clean lines and welcoming details are complemented by signature furniture pieces and design elements.

Cafe Areas

Each wing was individually colour coded and the cafe areas to each wing was branded to an African beer brand. The copper piping used in the cafe unit detail was not only used as a design element, but also as a clever way to house the lighting and feed the electrics and plumbing. The slab has been exposed and sprayed to the various colours per wing and incorporates the industrial look and feel that is prevalent in the special areas.

Shared spaces

Shared spaces like quick meet rooms, focus rooms, telephone rooms and break out areas are dotted across the office. Meeting rooms and scattered seating areas offer spaces to connect, where smaller focus rooms or quick meet rooms provide private, quiet environments.

Open plan office

The office environment is completely open plan and functions as an activity work place. The design promotes employee well-being and facilitates interaction. Careful acoustic planning ensures that carpets and ceilings absorb sound and open areas are located away from workstations. Each employee is given a locker unit with no other storage to reinforce the Activity Based work philosophy of work where and how you want.