Founded in 2002, Interiors for Change has been providing exceptional service to its broad client base. Our team of passionate and highly skilled industry professionals take pride in attending to every detail of the client brief, and offer insights and recommendations that can only be gained from years of industry related experience.


We inspire positive change by staying on top of industry trends. Our nearly two decades of industry experience and practical insights helps us to know when some trends are just clever marketing, or real game changers. We understand that no two clients are the same, and we treat each project, no matter what size, like we would if it was our own company. Our exceptional service and timeous availability for our clients is what sets us apart. It’s a quality that will be remembered long after the project has been completed.


Whether it’s a single office replan, or the construction of a large-scale head office, each project is assigned a dedicated project manager with a structured communication plan and regular progress updates.


A workplace designed around inspiring creativity and comfort delivers greater productivity. Getting to know the business’ strategy, its people, culture and its technology is key to creating spaces people want to work in.